Anik Das

Anik Das

Software Engineer at Chronicle

Building polished web interfaces. Working on Typescript & React, exploring backend, databases and tooling.


Radial Menu

Video game-ish radial menu, inspired by @raunofreiberg

Deployed URL

Simple implementation of DNS resolving by finding IP address of a given domain

GSoC '22 Report

Google Summer of Code 2022 final work report: migrating to a custom Webpack config


2023 - Now

Software Engineer, Chronicle

Building the future of storytelling

2022 - 2023

Software Engineer Intern, Chronicle

Building the future of storytelling (as an intern)


OSS Contributor, Google Summer of Code '22

Migrate CRA to Webpack 5, improve DX and tooling

2021 - 2022

Frontend Engineer Intern, Codedrills

Built the frontend of the Recruiter platform, in use by 5+ companies


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